Cats Private Apartments

Cats are housed in separate spacious apartments.  Each apartment has a split level inside with a mezzanine sleeping area and an outside courtyard.  All apartments open onto a safety corridor for the security of your cat.  

Most of the apartments can accommodate up to 2 cats from the same family.  We also have some larger ones which may accommodate up to 5 cats at a time.  

Thermostatic radiators maintain a comfortable temperature in each section of the cattery.  In addition, heated pads are available for all cats in the colder months and for any of our older or more sensitive residents throughout the year. Each section has a radio on for background entertainment during the day. Balls and catnip toys are provided for stimulation and all apartments have scratching posts in order to keep your cat entertained.

Room Service

Adult cats are fed twice daily.  Both wet and dry food diets are available. Older cats, kittens and cats under medical direction are fed to their own individual requirements.  

We do our best to accommodate any special dietary requirements if notified in advance but any very unusual feline palates will need to be supplied by the owner.  A fridge is available to store any fresh supplies.

Cosy warm sleeping areas 

All sleeping areas have a soft base layer of quality vet bedding plus a sleeping basket with cosy blanket.  

You are welcome to bring your cat's own bedding. 

Sparkly clean

All blankets and bedding are brushed daily. Pens are swept and washed and litter trays are cleaned and replenished.

Between occupancies pens are disinfected with an animal-friendly disinfectant in order to destroy any bacteria and then scrubbed thoroughly clean before being made up with clean bedding for the next visitor.